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What Is Slow Fashion and Why Is It So Important

Written by Jenna Checkley


Posted on December 02 2023

Hi, I'm Jenna. I want to speak about something I am very passionate about and that is near and dear to my heart - Slow Fashion. This idea and movement is also one of the main reasons I began my clothing line, The Juicy Goddesses, and is an integral part of everything we do. 

 Jenna from Juicy Goddesses hand making slow fashion dress

So what is Slow Fashion? First, it is a movement rapidly gaining momentum in certain elements of the fashion industry. This is in response to the Fast Fashion industry, which produces cheap garments quickly and significantly impacts the global environment and society in a very negative way. Slow fashion is about being more conscious of how clothing is made and consumed and choosing quality, sustainability, and ethics over quantity, speed, and low cost. Slow fashion aims to reduce overproduction and overconsumption of clothing and to create awareness around the entire process of making clothing.


Fast fashion has a significant impact on the environment. The fast fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of global wastewaterThe fast fashion industry also contributes to the exploitation of workers and the depletion of natural resources.

Fast fashion environmental impact girl on mountain of clothes


With slow fashion, sustainability is a crucial component. Sustainable fashion is all about the conscious use of natural resources and the respect of people, especially those in typically poorer regions. Sustainable fashion seeks to create an industry that prioritizes not having harmful impacts on the planet, society, or animals over making money.


Another critical aspect of slow fashion is Eco-Friendliness. With this concept firmly in mind for those who find it essential, we strive to lower the environmental impact of both apparel production and consumption. Eco-friendly fashion encourages a more careful way of consuming and producing clothes to decrease the environmental impact of our wardrobe.


Handmade clothing is also often an essential part of slow fashion. This is in large part because handmade clothing allows a particular care and attention to detail, usually not found in large-scale fast fashion products. Usually made with natural materials and dyes, handmade clothing is simply better for the environmentfor both the people who make them and the people who wear them.


Last but not least, we have the vital concept of Fairtrade: ensuring that the people who make our clothes are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. Fairtrade also ensures that the environment is protected and that the communities where the clothes are made benefit from the production. For most of those who labour to make clothing, usually in third-world nations, the fast-fashion industry heartbreakingly ignores their needs and humane treatment. 


At The Juicy Goddesses, Slow Fashion means creating sensual, guilt-free clothing that makes women feel confident and beautiful. We also very much agree that Slow Fashion is about creating clothing that is designed to last and that can be worn for years to come 1.


Our Magdala Dress is a perfect example of slow fashion in elegant action. It is Handmade with care and attention to detail. We source material that is only made with natural dyes and is eco-friendly. Our clothing at The Juicy Goddesses is also fairtrade, ensuring that the people who make it are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. The Magdala Dress is a union of sensuality, beauty, comfort and durability, designed to last for years. By shopping with us, you not only support Slow Fashion and all it entails. You are also making your proclamation to the world that you are conscious, that you care and that you know you deserve to be beautiful! Because wearing this lovingly made creation will make any woman feel like the Juicy Goddess she was born to be.

.The Magdala Dress, a slow fashion elegant and beautiful creation