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Amara Skirt

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  Measuring your body for custom pieces: 


Please follow measuring instructions at the bottom of the page!

Picture 1

Picture 2



 Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7 (please measure from top of shoulder to under your breast)


Picture 8

How to measure: 

Picture 1-Hips: Measure all the way around the biggest part of your hips. 

Picture 2-Waist: Measure all the way around the smallest part of your waist.

Picture 3-Bust: Measure all the way around the biggest part of your chest.

Picture 4-Rise: Measure from your waist down to your crotch.

Picture 5-Inseam: Measure from the crotch to your ankle (or to desired length) 

Picture 6-Under the breast: measure all the way around the under breast. 

Picture 7-Shoulder to bust: Measure from the top of your shoulder to right under you breast. Make sure you measure this correctly our the shoulders will be to big. 

Picture 8-Around the leg: measure all way around your leg. 


Size Chart:




For sizes larger then large please email me for custom orders. Custom orders will have a small fee for fabric cost. Please email me at 




Size: Small

Color: Black

Material: Organic Cotton/Lyocell

Sku: EK-JG-1

Discover the Amara Skirt, a stunning piece of clothing that celebrates your inner Goddess. The Amara Skirt is more than just a skirt. It’s a symbol of your divine power, beauty, and sensuality.
Whether you wear it for a special occasion or a casual day out, the Amara Skirt will make you feel confident and radiant.
The Amara Skirt features a flattering fit, a soft fabric, and a gorgeous design. It’s also easy to pair with your favorite tops, shoes, and accessories.
The Amara Skirt is the perfect way to express your unique style and personality.
Why settle for the ordinary? Instead, reward yourself with something special, that truly reflects who you are.
Treat yourself to the Amara Skirt and unleash the Goddess within!


Fabric: 66% Lyocell, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex 



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